Saturday, November 8, 2008

kitty update

i took jay-z to the vet yesterday, and nothing is broken! the vet said that its either a bruise, or he pulled a muscle. apparently jay-z has been training for the olympics or something while we're out. he must have been doing some kind of crazy stunts or something.

anyways, so we got him some pain medicine for this week. hopefully he will feel better by next week. in the meantime he is still our little gimpy, just hobbling around the house.


The Blairs said...

You may need to get him a Beyonce to care for him. Hahahaha!! Okay bad joke.

yours truly said...

we want to get a beyonce some day :] haha. maybe a dalmation or something.

Liv said...

I'm glad J is ok!! It's so hard when animals don't feel well. Maybe they could just talk a little? Just so we can figure out what's wrong. Too much to ask?