Friday, November 14, 2008

its my life, and its now or never, i aint gonna.... blah blah blah

goal #11----check! our friends dave and christina came over for dinner last week and i made pizza (duh, i've accepted its the only thing i can cook), caesar salad (which josh made), and macaroni grill bread!! although it didn't look like the bread they bring out at macaroni grill, it basically tasted the same. it was delicious. it wasnt cooked near the bottom, but thats because i had to change the oven temp like halfway through so i could cook the pizzas. so anyways, it takes a long time to make just because it has to rise for forever. and i felt like there was so much seasoning in it that it would be weird, but it was good. anyways, like no one reading this even cares about my bread, so if you are still reading this, thank you. and try the recipe out. yum.

on another note, we got hair cuts. i evened my hair length out, so its a bit shorter. very sad, but now it will grow at all the same length.. boo...

also, i think bj (my brother-in-law) should be a video game creator. he has made two levels on the game little big planet, and they are very impressive. they drive josh crazy because he continually plays them until he gets the highest score possible so he can be #1. thats joshy for you. :] i like the first level, but the second one is too hard.

ALSO, i cant wait for thanksgiving!!!! we are going to maine for 5 days. i wish it was tomorrow. and i wish i could fast forward this next week because school will be kicking my trash. every single day is something, whether it be a test, paper, or combination of the two. yikes.

the end. theres everything going on in my life. doesn't everyone feel like they know me so much better? haha :]

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david and christina said...

i am very impressed with bj skills too! thanks for dinner it was amazing and i dont think that the only thing you can cook is pizza... so we will have to set up a date for you guys to come over in december! oh and how does friday sound for temple and possibly games?