Tuesday, November 18, 2008

praise the lord that tuesday is OVER!

this week has been stressful. and its only tuesday! but now that today is done, i can relax a bit. i've been so stressed that ive been a total crankenstein (sorry josh!). yesterday we had a watershed management exam, which i don't feel too confident about how i did but oh well. its over. today i had a lab quiz in forest management and ecology (which is basically just an exam). it was really hard and i was freaking out about it. it turns out i did a little better than i thought i would, so thats a relief. then tonight i had to give a review session for my bio 100 class that i TA.

let me just say this... doing review sessions makes me SUPER nervous. like right before it starts i get all shaky and my stomach hurts. i freak out that i don't know anything. then i start, and the first few minutes are rough. i stutter, i say dumb things and then i blush until i look like a cherry, and i just act plain dumb. students ask me questions that are hard and i don't know the answer and im like "you dont need to know this so stop asking me!" however, after a little bit of time and gaining some confidence that i am not a complete idiot, then i get in the groove of things.

its very rewarding when people come up to you after though and say things like "thank you so much," "you helped me more than you know," "you seriously save my life when it comes to these tests," "i've been to another review session already and i learned nothing," etc etc. its comments like those that make it worth all the anxiety. even if i felt like a ding-dong the entire time it all turned out okay. :]

the rest of the week will be more calm. i still have to write 2 papers, and take one more test all before thanksgiving break, but i can make it! (and the thought of those homemade rolls waiting for me in maine is making it that much better!)

the end.


Liz Canaan Roberts said...

you're tuff stuff! i know i wouldn't like any of that at all. (biology? yuck!)
anyway, your RAD and i love you.

Liv said...

Way to go surviving the TA reviews. Why is it so hard to feel confident when teaching other people, especially when you KNOW you know your stuff? Lame!!

But happy thanksgiving awaits in Maine! Yea!!