Thursday, October 23, 2008


we got a recycling bin!!!!!! for anyone who doesnt already know, i'm a little cuckoo about recycling. i used to save up all my paper, cans, bottles, etc and i would have to drive them up past provo town center mall up to the recycling place (which is kind of scary to go alone for the record). then in this apartment the complex across the street has 2 bins so i usually stash all my recycling over there. so i asked my landlord if we could get one for our four-plex, and he ordered one! it came today, and was just sitting in our front walkway when we got home from school. i got so excited. since i was the one who asked for it i am just responsible for wheeling it up the driveway every tuesday. yippee.

in other news, today we went up to hobble creek for our lab, to set up cameras in trees that have motion censoring so they take pictures when animals walk by. we set up 2. we also took barbed wire and wrapped it around a tree base and then put scent all over it. this attracts the animals so they come and rub on it, and then their hair gets caught in the barbed wire and you can do dna testing on it. i was (of course), the one who got to splash the tree with scent. our group had "bear lure" and i splashed it all over the base of that tree. a little bit got on my hands which was kind of gross and then i was all nervous that i stank. on the bottle it says "do not get this product on you because you may be attacked." it was kind of funny. but josh smelled my hands and said they kind of smelled like trees. which im not opposed to, so it was ok. even though who knows what was in that bear lure....ew. also, a huge rock almost fell on me because our teacher was scrounging around the steep upper bank above us and i was standing like right under it. too bad it didnt hit me....maybe my sense of smell would come back... (haha just kiddddding)

anyways, it was a fun day. playing with bear lure and nailing barbed wire into trees and then coming home to find a beautiful new recycling bin waiting for me :]

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Juji said...

Well...since NOBODY else EVER comments on blogs/writes blogs anymore, I will. I almost got hit by that rock too, and then I would have flown into the river, contracted the hanta virus, and lived the rest of my life a diseased old codger. Anyways, love you. :)