Monday, October 27, 2008

dear tyra,

hello. ive wanted to be on your silly show for years. however, i always seem to miss the deadline. such a bummer, when ive got moves and looks like this...

(ignore my hair i look gross. i figured you would understand though tyra because even though the industry doesn't like it, it happens to the best of us. right?)

this video is for miss jay. i like him a lot more than you.
oops, did i just say that?

and yes, i know i need to work on my facial expressions.
i've also been practicing "smiling with my eyes" in the mirror.

so, tyra, i just wanted to say i hope you appreciate what ive got to offer. no, these pictures aren't done by a professional photographer, and yes those are animal-print game chairs in the background. i have no professional training besides standing in the windows of 'the childrens place' in the mall when i was 10. i just want to throw this out there though.

i AM .....



Darci said...

And this is why I love you.

Honeybee said...

Love it! :)

The Blairs said...

You look better than all the girls I saw on the show last time I watched. (The one on the sail boat). Totally high fashion. Are they really not doing anymore?

I think you should be a model, just be prepared to be hoochie, or look ugly. Those two things are what make a model. That and the eyes!