Friday, October 17, 2008

fun in the kitchen

[Keep scrolling down after this post because there are like 3 new ones haha. sorry]

Tonight we hung out with our friends ashley and dallin. we decided to get festive. here are our pictures :]

our baby

yes, josh did most of the work. i will admit it.

josh and dallin doing all the work while me and ashley hang out ha ha ha

our pumpkin!

the aftermath...

our finished pumpkin!

ashley and dallins pumpkin. it was jekyl and hyde

fun with a blue wig...

ashley is workin it

kitty being funny and jumping around

blue hair suits him well

holla hollaa

my boys :]

it was a great night. our pumpkins were cool and we had a lot of fun. now remember to keep scrolling down to hear our bear adventures!!


The Blairs said...

Jess, you make the blue wig look good. Cool pumpkins.

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

those pun'kins are the best darn pun'kins i ever saw.