Saturday, August 2, 2008

positive psychology

last sunday at church this girl was giving a lesson, and in it she talked about positive psychology. i realized because of it that i need to be a lot more positive. and it affects your happiness, which i know i for sure can improve. so she did this thing where you write down every day 5 things you're happy about from that day. i've been doing it all this week and i honestly think its been helping. so here are 5 things im happy about today....

1. we get to keep this apt
2. we have the cutest cat ever
3. me and josh have been together for 14 months (and married for 3 as of tomorrow)
4. josh made the bed this morning when i was still in it and it was funny (i secretly love it when he does that)
5. i ate wendys for lunch and it was delicious

so i know me writing a blog about this may seem silly or corny or whatever, but it really is a good thing to do i think. so i just felt like sharing it. its made this week a little easier for me, being away from josh all week and everything.

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Liz Canaan Roberts said...

corny? yes. silly? no. awesome? YES!
you're so cute and i love you.