Thursday, August 7, 2008


so this week was interesting. some people may know i am scared of rattlesnakes. not snakes, just rattlesnakes. when i was little we went out back of our house (in colorado) and there was a prairie area out back. we had our friends with us and we were all jumping over this ditch. me, being the lazy slow one, jumped in the ditch instead of over. i heard a noise that petrified me, and my sister actually saw the snake. i dont think ive ever ran or screamed so bad.

so this week, we're driving in back forest roads in logan, and i saw something lying across the road. from far away i thought it was a stick. up close, we realized it was a snake. it was chris (my coworker) who realized it was a rattle. he took a picture of it (from the car!), and then it slowly slithered away. so now i know that when my boss said be careful of rattlesnakes because they are in logan, he wasnt lying! yikes!!!

so then today, we're driving up a road in the middle of nowhere, and we see something up ahead. right away i knew something was wrong. we got closer and it looked like a trailer or something, and 2 people. we got there and it was a middle-aged couple that had rolled their atv on top of them. he had a muscular degeneration disease, and when they were going down the hill they hit a rut and he couldnt steer it properly. so it fell on top of them. the man managed to get the atv off of them, and his wife was sitting on the side of the road. she had messed up her hip so bad she could barely stand, and thought she had cracked some ribs. the man had definately broken a rib or two. they said they were just praying for someone to come by.

we turned the atv upright, helped the woman into the back of our car (she couldnt stradle the atv w/her hip feeling like that), and went back up to their campsite. we helped her get out, and into a camping chair. we asked if we could call an ambulance or something, but they didnt want that. they just had us call their cousin when we got back to reception. i left our names and my #. they said they got cell phone service sometimes up there. so like 45-55 minutes later, we finally got back in logan where my cell had service. i called, and the cousin was going to try to get off work to come help them. about 15 minutes later, 911 called me and asked me all this info. i guess the couple must have finally realized they were too hurt, and called for an ambulance. we gave them their gps location (good thing we wrote it down!), and info. i was glad that everything was going to be ok.

so anyways, all these random experiences, and just crazy stories this summer of people getting hurt or dying, ive just realized that life is a lot more precious than we may feel from day to day.

on that note, my happy list:
1. i have a great job
2. i came home tonight and got to take a shower
3. i live in a nice place and people at church actually like me
4. im safe and healthy
5. joshua comes home tomorrow!!!


Darci said...

Oh goodness girl, of course people at church like you. Who wouldn't like you?? Also, I agree with this post. We need to be more appreciative of our blessings...or at least I do.

Kimberly said...

I think your dad needs to borrow those waders!

Honeybee said...

I am so glad that you like you job and that things are going great in your life. I saw a rattle snake once last summer when I went to go measure a bush. It was scary. I ran and screamed really loud and then they voted me out of survivor. It was a sad day. :) I am glad that you could help out those people. That is such a scary situation. Good stories thought! Well, I guess they are more well told than good. :)