Friday, August 1, 2008


we get to keep out apartment!!! (for real this time!)

apparently the robinsons finally got their act together and signed for a condo. leaving us this apartment!!! yayyy

and today we bought a coffee table at ikea (thanks mellissa for the gift card!!). ive wanted a coffee table since forever, and now we finally have one!


Darci said...

Oh that is good news!

Liv said...

congrats on keeping the apt!! that's so awesome.

Honeybee said...

Hooray! It is real!!! You get to keep your apartment! that must have been some drama. I can't wait to see the coffee table. Wait, maybe I have already seen it and I don't even know it. Wait...I don't think that I have. Yay...this week when I play cat lady I can see it! :)