Wednesday, February 27, 2008

oh. my.

today in my animal diversity class my teacher did the spider mating dance. this is not a joke. the lights were turned off, a strobe light was turned on, a chair (the "female spider") was on top of the front desk, and music was playing. this can serve as an educational experience for everyone, here are the steps of spider mating, as demonstrated by doctor b:

1. doctor b. went into the little closet at the front of the room, reappeared, waved his "appendages" around, then went back into the closet.
2. came back out, played with rope ("web tweaking"), back in the closet.
3. came back out, "tickled and caressed" the chair, went back in.
4. came out with a dead leaf, danced around with it and crumpled it, back in the closet.
5. came back out with "an insect wrapped in silk", danced around, sat on the desk, danced around, back in the closet.
6. came out, jumped around everywhere, lingered. he drooped his head and slumped back into the closet. ...denied!!
7. came back out and lingered, then ran over to the desk and grabbed the "female spider" and tied her up. looked around. ran back into the closet.

the end.

it was crazy. i was sitting on the wrong side of the room because the strobe light was flashing in my face the whole time. i thought i was going to get a seizure. it was such a riot though, because dr b is this verry fat older man. and here he is, with glow in the dark hands prancing around to classical music and doing the spider dance. true story.

quite the class period.

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Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

See. it's for reasons like that I miss being in school. That is insane.