Friday, February 29, 2008

just a couple more months to go!

everyone keeps asking how wedding plans are going, so ill give a little update...

1. i feel like we have invitations coming out of our ears. there are so many, and its like every day we remember a new person or get an address.

2. last weekend we did all the addresses we had already, and sealed all of the invites. it was around 270 i think? we got this envelope sealer thing that had a bit of glue in it. first it seemed like it wasnt staying well and we were getting frustrated, but we kept going. later we came back to them and we had a double address so we opened one... ok. that little bugger would not come off. so of course joshua is like " are people going to get their invitations open...?" i said "thats what letter openers are for," to which he replied "who has a letter opener these days?" SO...if anyone reading this does not own a letter opener, now might be a good time to go buy one. lets just say the glue was a bit more powerful than we thought..

3. i have a dress!! a lady from my branch sent me hers, and its perfect. you will all get to see it someday... hehe

4. we have flowers pretty much worked out. i decided im going to do the centerpieces myself, and im really excited about it actually! :]

5. were really hoping we will get the bed from target we registered for. we will be going to mattress places soon to try and find a good deal for a new mattress set. who knew those were so freeking expensive!?

6. basically we just need to figure out what kind of food we are going to have at the reception. i want to do something a bit lighter and casual, but i have no idea what to do. if anyone has any swell ideas, let me know please!!

7. thats pretty much it. i have to talk to the cake lady, but i hate talking on the phone. so thats a bit of a dilemma in itself...but dont worry i will get around to it one of these days...


The Blairs said...

diet mountain dew and cashews would make a nice treat at the reception

The Blairs said...

Just for the record that was Ryan not me. I hate cashews. What about chicken salad sandwiches? With diet dew of course!

yours truly said...

im digging the chicken salad sandwich idea. and i love mountain dew. haha.

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Eric and CJ Carter
155 W 2060 N #199
Provo, UT 84604


We want one for sure, but you don't have to mail it, that's 41 cents!