Thursday, January 3, 2008

it is 2 degrees outside

livia tagged me! now i have  to think of 5 more random facts about me... hopefully theres enough interesting things about me to do so...

1. ive had a thing for joshua since the very first day we met (which is when i sat next to him the first day of range management class last january). and a year later, look where we are!

2. i go through obsessive shoe stages. i get a pair of shoes i like, and then i wear them alllll the time, until they get replaced. i still wear other shoes some days, but i plan my outfits around that pair. i love them, and have to wear them all the time. if people remember, last april until sometime this past semester, i was obsessed with those flat shoes they sold in the bookstore. i had 2 yellow pairs, wore them completely out, i have a gold pair i still wear all the time even tho those are falling apart, and i have 2 black pairs. then just a month or so ago it was my white boots. now my new gray boots are whats hot. weird, i know.

3. i think i always give off bad first impressions. even if i feel like i did a good job and acted just like my regular self, i still feel worried it was a bad impression... im trying to get over this tho..

4. confession: i have accepted the southern accent. it used to bug me so bad, and i thought it was the ugliest sounding thing ever. now im over it. theres southern people that i love now, and theyre nice, and i like it when they call me sugar. or baby. ok i just like it all... [altho: aunt is pronounced: aunt. not ant. thats an insect. i rest my case]

5. i like standing next to short people because then i notice how tall i really am. and i like it. 


Darci said...

You like standing next to me? Wow I am glad that I can make you feel better about yourself! That is what I'm here for.

yours truly said...

aww thanks darci! you are suuchh a good friend!! haha love you