Tuesday, January 1, 2008


ok so heres a few pictures...theres more where this came from, but not on the computer yet. these are from my wonderful mini vacation in alabama (and florida):

looking fierce


my new bff

i'll add more later. basically, everyone is wonderful and ive had a blast and i love joshua. and, thank goodness, i love his family too!


The Blairs said...

Yea, the beach and uncle bill-j!! Those pictures of you and joshua look great. Wish I was there. Glad yall will be home soon.

Liv Taylor said...

awww, supa cute.
yea for you two!!

Darci said...

Presh. I want to be on a beach instead of practically snowed into my house...

Liv Taylor said...

um yes, hello. i'm back.
i got tagged, and i'd like to pass it along to you. i think you've done a similar one before, but it can't hurt to do it again, right? just go to my latest entry and you'll get all the "rules."