Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy christmas

rad things that happened today:

1. more burts bees in my stocking!

2. i got a down pillow from my parents!

3. rachel gave me a big fat art book! i love art

4. i got jeans...LONG jeans...its amazing. i wore them yesterday but gave them back last night, and this morning they were sitting by my stocking along with a killer pair of boots!

5. my mom cooked bacon in the oven. delicious!

6. we did our traditional outing to the movies, and saw national treasure. i really want to see ps i love you, but ill just make someone else bring me another time. national treasure was better than i thought it would be.

7. i got fitted for my wedding dress. i have come to realize i am becoming obsessed with wedding planning.. i apologize. i might as well try to do a lot while im on vacation and i have nothing better to do tho, right?

8. i didnt put any makeup on at all today, and i didnt care. crazy, huh? but dont worry i wont stop wearing it. i can scare people if i do that...

9. because im the pyro in the family, i get to start the fire all the time. 

10. spending all day with my family. its been fun. 


Darci said...

Oh my goodness I found my dress! I am so excited but I have to wait for them to order it in and it is killing me because I just want it to be here with me because it is so freakin' perfect. I miss you. Maine really shouldn't be so far away from Idaho.

Honeybee said...

A good pair of jeans is always amazing!!! Time with family is the best...especially time with no make up and family :)Good luck with wedding planning...sounds like fun:)