Saturday, December 22, 2007

home sweet home

hi. im in maine. its been fun. i had an overnight flight which basically killed me. i got maybe 1 or 2 hours of sleep. and on my first flight i was sitting next to this weird guy and my knees kept accidentally touching his.. it was a little awkward. and i might have elbowed him a few times. im not so good with sleeping on planes. i always used to say i could fall asleep anywhere. but planes are not my strongpoint.

so the first day i got back (thursday) i went with my mom to an art store, which was fun as always. i love artist and craftsman, and if anyone from maine is reading this i know you appreciate that. then we went to wild oats and got lots of organic delicious food for me to stuff my face with. its so nice having parents who can pay for me to be healthy, since i dont eat that well when im at school on my own...

then we came home and hung out, and then i went to bed at 7:30pm, and did not wake up until 11am friday. wow. thats how freeking tired i was!!! yikes!

friday i went with my mom to midcoast hospital, where she works in radiology. she had an interview to work in CT, which went pretty well. we will know in a couple weeks or so. then we went to freeport (!!) and went shopping. i got all my christmas shopping done, it was amazing. freeport was kind of crazy with all the people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. i saw about 10 people i know, crazy.. OH, and i got the most beautiful coat. i havent had a coat in like a year, so ive been needing one. i got a yellow pea coat that is adorable from Jcrew. it was the only one left in the store, and it was on a manican, and it just happened to be my size. can you say fate or what?? i was stoked. and i got wicked cute purple mittens. (the kind you put your fingers through and then you can put the flap part over all your fingers. im not really sure what those are called..). anyways, it was fun.

then last night we went and saw my dad sing in the Magic of Christmas, which they do every year at Merill Auditorium in portland. its the portland symphony orchestra, with a choir, and a couple famous broadway singers or whatever. its kind of a big deal... it was fun. my dad was awesome. then we went to the store and got lots of food and im excited to make garlic bread like rachel ray, and i bought a martha stewart wedding magazine. ive become a bit obsessed with wedding planning. its really exciting...i cant help it! i strongly dislike martha stewart as a person, but her company and magazines rock.

and for anyone who didnt know, martha stewart is an idiot. she vacations in maine all the time, so ive heard stories. one time she was driving by these peoples house, and their horses were out front laying down because it was hot and they were sleeping, and martha stopped her car, came outside, and starting running towards the house screaming "your horses are dead!! your horses are dead!!!" i think thats probably the funniest martha story ive heard.

anyways, sorry this post is so boring. but its my life, and ive come to accept it. today i am lounging around, probably just gonna drink some hot cocoa, eat organic food, and watch a couple movies. this is the life!

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Liv Taylor said...

oh freeport. how i miss it.
i am happy you got to shop there, though. not a bit jealous. not at all. i believe your sweet mittens can be called hobo gloves. i have a scrumptious pair that maddie likes to carry around the house. hmmmm. bad dog.
merry christmas jess!!