Tuesday, October 30, 2007

trick or treat

i am so over halloween. someone in the office today asked me if i was dressing up tomorrow, and i was like umm are you serious? this chick is like 25 too. i said no im not gonna dress up, but if anyone asks me what im dressed up as, ill just say im the definition of sexy. that should be sufficient enough, right?

last year i went to the halloween party at the hollywood house. laaame. i stayed for like 4 minutes. no joke. i was dressed up as a pirate, as usual, and went with my friend jon after i got off work at the brick oven. (thats back in the day when i used to work in the kitchen..) i dont even know why i bothered walking the block and a half over to get there.

on the other hand, i can not WAIT for thanksgiving!!! its my favvvvvorite holiday. its all about food and family and friends--everything i love! and this year i actually get to go home. and im bringing my boyfriend. im wicked excited.

im hearing someones work conversation who just met. typical get to know you crap: where you from, whats your major, blah blah blah. next time you meet someone, heres a list of nonboring questions you could ask:

-what is your favorite color?
-what did you spend your summer doing?
-what kind of music do you listen to?
-what flavor potato chips do you like best?
-favorite movie of all time?
-is that your natural hair color?

you can ask all that other crap some other time...
its not like you will remember most of it, anyways.

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Liv Taylor said...

jess, thanksgiving is great. you're so smart.
sophia's coming out to my apt this year for turkey day and i'm so excited. isn't it great to stuff yourself when surrounded by ppl who won't judge? yes, yes it is.