Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my stomach is growling...

people should realize its not polite to stare. or smile at strangers. or point. why does this seem so hard to understand?? especially here at byu. yesterday i was walking home, and i was walking in one direction, and some random chick was walking kind of towards me and then past me. the entire time she was staring at me. i was looking around at the neighborhood...down at the crunchy leaves..whatever. when i finally couldnt stand it anymore i looked up at her, and she smiled. not like a shy little smile-to-yourself kinda deal. it was a full blown smile. teeth and everything. i swear i have never seen her before in my life.

i decided today that halloween is annoying. and overrated. when youre a kid, go for it. when you get a bit older....get over it. move on with your life. do something productive for heavens sake, besides taking the time to make a ridiculous costume, just to go and sit in classes all day. a few people in my office dressed up, which was slightly weird. except for connie. she is this cute older lady who i lovve, and she dressed up as a baseball player. it was cute. that, i dont have a problem with. seeing a giant whoopie cusion walking around on campus? yeah...not so much..

today i made a comment in ecology and when my professor [hot professor, i should say..] called on me, she didnt say my name. i was disappointed. she prides herself on learning all her students names, and i was pretty sure she knows mine by now (even tho i never raise my hand in class). but nope. comment in class was about my ecological footprint. there are quizzes online that you can take to determine your personal ecological footprint. i had to do it for a class a couple years ago, and the results were that if everyone on the planet lived the way i do, we would need 3.5 globes to sustain everyone. i found the website for it, and i just took it again. apparently im doing better in my life now, because my result came to: IF EVERYONE LIVED LIKE YOU, WE WOULD NEED 2.2 PLANETS. My total footprint is 10 acres.
IN COMPARISON, THE AVERAGE ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT IN YOUR COUNTRY IS 24 ACRES PER PERSON. WORLDWIDE, THERE EXIST 4.5 BIOLOGICALLY PRODUCTIVE ACRES PER PERSON. Here is the website, if anyone wants. I thought it was interesting... but then again, i am a dork.

anyways...i dont have much else to talk/complain about... my brain is tired... and unfortunately i have a nice big art history exam tomorrow that i am determined to get an A on. yikes!!


Juji said...

She is hot....have you seen her skinny jeans? I have

Liv Taylor said...

i kid you not, just after i read your blog about lame halloween, i read another friend's blog and she was wearing a whoopie cushion costume.

Darci said...

I agree with Josh.