Thursday, November 1, 2007


lately ive felt like such a monet. im not even kidding. i look good from far away, and then you get up close and personal and its like ugh. today ive had a lot of people tell me i look good, so ive made sure to not get too close to them so they dont see how gross i look for real.

ive worked for...5 hours? 6 hours? today. boooooring as usual. nothing to do. im finding that it can be dangerous for me to be bored at work. i went shopping online today. oops. i really need to work on saving my money. its a dilemma. i mean i know that im going to need saved up money next semester, but right now in the moment i feel like i can just spend spend spend. yikes. i need a personal accountant or something who yells at me whenever i spend money. anyone want a job interview? i cook a mean pizza...

im going to leave work an hour early i still have on hour left to kill... i already took my art history exam (i rocked it out--i think ill get an A!!) so i dont have that to study for anymore. one of my best friends megan is on her mission though, so maybe i should write her a letter. three of my best friends arent here at school with me this year. its sad. megan is on her mission, another is working til her mission, and the other graduated and now lives in california. its sad. at least i have my boyfriend and my sister. and my asian lover keiko. and 2 of my old roomates from winter semester live practically next door. so i know i really shouldnt complain. it is sad though. i feel like im not as exciting without them. blahh.

no one is back here in my little secluded student worker section at work. its just me. so i dont even have people around to make fun of or annoy. i just have to entertain myself.

good thing i have my spinny chair..

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