Monday, October 29, 2007


being sick blows. when other people are sick you just get so tired of hearing them complain and you just think to yourself why won't they just shut up cant be that bad. then you get sick and its like the world is over. i felt like death today, i wont lie. the plus side to being sick, tho, is that its an excuse to get out of anything:

hey jess, why are you acting like such a brat today? --im sick!
why are you skipping fhe again? --im sick!
why did you sleep in and show up to work late, and then leave early? --im sick!

you have to admit that feeling gross does have its pros. also, i left work today and came home, and since then i have not set foot outside (except for when i took the rubbish to the dumpster, since i live with pigs who can not seem to understand that it will smell after awhile...and this is coming from the girl who cant smell...). i wasted time online, i outlined everything i need to know for my art history test on thursday, i took a nap, got a friend to bring me some wendys, and i even cleaned my room. craaaazy. i love the feeling of being productive. so even tho my head is killing me and my body is so tired i feel like i cant move, i feel all good inside. and one of my favorite songs just came on my itunes (its on shuffle). "The Well and the Lighthouse" -Arcade Fire

on other sources of goodness, im going to see regina spektor on friday!!!! altho she is more mainstream than a lot of music i listen to, i dont even care because i love her. her voice is amazing, and her songs are so rad. im going with my sister and my boyfriend, and maybe some other friends. its going to be lovely!

tomorrow is tuesday. im not such a big fan of tuesdays. all i do is go to work and to art history class. and everyone knows how i feel about work. work was interesting today. i slept in this morning, and so i didnt go until after my classes, at 1. and i only worked for 2.5 hours (instead of 6). a lot of that was doing homework and playing on the internet. and then there is this boy at work named jeff, who is quite a character. hes 18, already has his associates degree, and thinks hes all bad. he always hums or taps his fingers or talks out loud while hes doing stuff. today he was processing transcripts, and was saying all the names and what he was doing out loud to himself and it was driving me up the wall. i know it was bugging the other 2 girls i was working with too. so i go "jeffrey....." and hes like "what?" and all i said was "shut up." im such a brat. sometimes it just needs to be done though. lucky for me i still have friends (somehow..)

anyways, its only 1030 and i might just go to bed now with my sick self. cheers.


Cam Williams said...

I'm going to the Regina concert too! She's like my favorite right now.

The Blairs said...

If you need any good info on getting what you want when your sick, talk to sarah. She is an expert on being sick and what to do to get what you want when you feel like crap 24 hours a day.

The Blairs said...


Kiss my butt!!!!!


Your wife

p.s. He's right though. Let me know if you need tips.

yours truly said...

haha i love you guys. and dont you worry, i know how to get what i want... haha umm thats a joke... kind of. :]

Juji said...

I don't know what you're talking about.