Monday, October 22, 2007

these boots aren't made for walking..

why am i so boring? lately ive just felt like such a bore. ok well like the last hour i have. haha. ok so im not boring...just bored... i need to clean my room because it looks like a bomb went off but honestly i just really dont feel like it. generally im a clean person...but when it comes to my room i may lower my standards occasionally..

i really want a pair of boots. how hard is it to find a cute pair of boots that i want?? i can see them perfectly in my head, but could i ever find such a thing? no! its driving me nuts. i knew i should have gone into fashion..

anyways, now ive wasted 45 minutes of my life searching the internet for any source of boot cute-ness. i found a pair i might get, but i am so particular about boots that i want to try them on instead of just ordering them online. its a cruel cruel world. if only i was rich and had a personal assistant who could find me the perfect pair and i wouldnt have to worry about if it cost hundreds of dollars or not. a few weeks ago i had a bizarre dream involving me working at coach, the owner of coach wanting me, lindsay lohan being my friend, and the sexiest pair of white boots ive ever seen (dream or reality) in my whole life. i would take all of that. minus the whole lindsay lohan being my friend part. ew.

oh, and in other sources of randomness, work was so slow today i started looking up grad schools. now im starting think about duke university. i dont think im quite smart enough, but since i dont think hydrology is the most popular program, that might work in my favor. i have forever to think about it anyways, considering i might not even ever graduate. blah.

oh, and i need a down pillow. now. it will go along with my comforter perfectly. and then i will never want to leave my bed. sounds like paradise already.

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Cam Williams said...

So the other day I had a dream that Justin Timberlake (of all people) came to my parents house. It should have been a funny dream, but I was filled with shame that the house was messy and my clothes weren't the latest fashion and my mom just kept on talking to him and talking to him and embarrassing me. Your Coach dream kind of reminded me about that.