Sunday, October 21, 2007


sometimes i swear roomates are gods way of punishing you. i mean its midnight and my heat is blasting. its set to like 73. i mean come on guys we dont live in antarctica. get a grip. the heat vent is directly under my desk so whenever its on it blasts up and dries out my contacts, and it drives me nuts. its like im in a slow cooker. gross. as if i dont have enough problems already. lets just make it so i cant even sleep under some covers like a normal person, but have to sleep in just my chonies. what is the world coming to?

then theres just crazy roomates who need to realize just how old they are, and start acting like it. i mean, if you openly admit you are crazy, and people agree with you...shouldnt you know you need to work on something? i mean dont get me wrong, this is a nice girl. she just has a few screws loose. i used to think i was crazy. lets just say my views have changed.

then theres self righteous stuck up pigs who just need to get a life and stop picking on innocent girls who do nothing to deserve it. imagine the sweetest, innocent, cutest girl you know. then imagine her pretty, caring, and outgoing. all that in one. now who would tell someone like that they are not living their life correctly? what is she supposed to do--say oh sorry for trying to be so nice and make everyones lives easier. should i stop that to so you can really have something to complain about?

and hey, im not saying i dont have problems. we allll do. theres just some things i think are plain ridiculous. and these are just a few. another is when people just leave disgusting messes everywhere and never clean them up and it makes me want to puke...but thats another whole story that no one wants to hear...

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Liv Taylor said...

one time my roommates called the cops on me and told them i stole their diabetic meds. what? who's diabetic? yeah, i had no clue what she was talking about.
i agree that roommates are of the devil. i hope you survive.
ps i hope you don't mind that i like your blog even though i hardly know you :)