Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the drones work hard before they die

you could follow logic
or contest it all
the work solution makes the common house a home
the element of progress
that you mention is gone
it de-evolved to something you were headed toward
as i lay to die the things i think
did i waste my time, i think i did-
i worked for life
all we want are just pretty little homes
our work makes pretty little homes
like a cast shadow
like a fathers dream
have a cut out son
what's a worse disease
to get that pretty little home
--the faint

this is how i feel about work sometimes. like right now. there is absolutely NAATHING to do at work. but byu says i get 20 hours a week, so hey...im just gonna sit here. i pulled out my art history homework, so ill get started on that in a bit..

i love the faint. when we went to their show we were front and center, and it was hottttt. i love those guys. this song reminds me of how materialistic we all are. i hate it, but im also really guilty. i mean sometimes i complain in the morning that i have nothing to wear, as im staring at a closet full of clothes. i looked up ipods again today, because i want the new nano, while i already have an ipod mini that has worked perfectly fine for a couple years. our society is so wanting. there are so many parts of the world, even in this country, where people have next to nothing. maybe an outfit or two, a pair of shoes. think about third world countries. i mean, they dont even know what pancakes with maple syrup is. and here i am complaining about having to eat tuna because i cant get my lazy butt up and -heaven forbid- walk to the store.

this song is about working too much, and wasting our lives away by doing so. to a certain extent, i believe this too. if all you do is work, to make you more rich and have a bigger and better house and car, then what are you really doing? ignoring your family? getting caught up in neighborhood competition? we should all just take breaks every so often, run away, and hang out with people we love. since we are so privileged to live in situations where we have enough to eat, clothes to wear, and beds to sleep in--we need to take advantage of it. what is the purpose in striving so far to make it above and beyond? get a comfortable house, and get over it. play with your kids, people.

Friedrich Nietzsche said: what is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil. as you can tell I'm on a Nietzsche kick. but i like it. he makes you think..

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