Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the hospital stay

Oh goodness, I am behind on blogging. So we'll pick up where we left off: the rest of our hospital stay.

After they took all of George's stats and whatnot, we stayed in the room a little bit longer while holding George and updating family/social media about the arrival ;) They finally moved us to a recovery room in Labor & Delivery, and then I noticed dinner had just ended about 20 minutes earlier. I was like "are you kidding me?? Dinner ends at 7pm? Don't they know people in the hospital are busy HAVING BABIES and still need to eat???" My sweet nurse took pity on me and called room service. They were still there and were willing to make us dinner. Yayyy! We ate pepperoni pizza, the perfect meal :)

snuggly George
 Since we literally live right next to the hospital (there is a field in between our place and the hospital), I decided to be the nice/cool wife this time around and let Josh go home to sleep for the first night. I thought it would be pretty easy and that I was invincible, obviously. I sort of forgot that I was still in recovery and leaving the bed and going to the bathroom was a whole production. Add a crying baby into that mix and we had some interesting moments. Between me, George, and the nurses coming in to check on us, I didn't get too much sleep. We all survived though, and to be honest there wasn't that much crying. Josh came back in the morning armed with some extra treats for me (yippee!), and George got his bilirubin levels tested. We were hoping they were low enough that we could leave the hospital that same day...

this sweet moment lasted about 2 seconds, then Henry was done
My mom was home with Henry, and brought him in to see the baby. He wasn't very impressed. He ended up pushing the baby away from him, and then kept trying to climb up onto the hospital bed to sit with me and play with the bed controls. So...that was slightly worrisom...

The results from the bilirubin test came back, and George had high levels. Booo. That meant we had to stay the night at the hospital, and George had to be on the special UV lights. To be on the lights he had to wear a face mask, and he did NOT like it. I knew I was in for a tricky night, so our friends watched Henry again (my mom had to go home) and Josh spent the night with me.

That night was not very fun. After sleeping a few stretches on the lights, George had had enough. He got so worked up that he wouldn't calm down, and we couldn't get him to stay on the lights without him freaking out. Eventually a nurse offered to take him out for a little bit so we could take a catnap. In the early morning hours we sort of gave up on the lights and hoped he'd gotten enough exposure that his levels would go down.

Wednesday morning George's bilirubin was checked again, and they had gone down! Yippee! That meant we were cleared to go home. We would just have to come back to the office in a couple days to get them retested.

the real Prince George!

ready to go home
We went home Wednesday after lunch, and it felt awesome to be back in our own house. George was doing great and basically just slept a lot ;) And thankfully Henry warmed up to George a lot more. He calls him "baby" and likes to give him love. He also likes to be helpful with George so he will try and give George his pacifier, or share his snacks. So...we have to keep an eye on them when they're together ;) But at least Henry is a big fan ♥

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