Friday, October 25, 2013

Skinny Fabric Wreath Tutorial

When we bought our first house, in 2011, my bff Darci gave us a wreath to hang on our door. She had made it, and I was in love with it. I made one like it for Christmas, so now we have a Christmas themed wreath too (so festive, right?). When we moved into our townhouse, I hung up Darci's wreath once again. And then I finally realized I needed to redo it, since the sun had literally bleached all the colors out. It was a very sad day, because she had used such great fabrics and it was so perfect. I made a new one and posted it on instagram, and got a tutorial request. So, disclaimer, I didn't make up this wreath technique/style. Darci made my first one, and either she is a genius (which is true anyways), or she saw some sort of original tutorial.

Last week I decided to increase my holiday-festivity-ness and make a Halloween wreath. I didn't want it to be too in your face Halloween, so I just went with Halloween-themed colors. Here is how I made it:

Supplies needed:
Wire wreath
3+ Fabric choices (at least a fat quarters worth)

I purchased my wire wreath at Michaels, where they are relatively cheap and come in different sizes. This one is a 12" wreath, and probably cost about $3 (I can't remember exactly, sorry).

Start with your fabric. I purchased three different fabrics from Joann's--two were fat quarters and the other I had cut a 1/4 yard off the bolt. Either way you purchase the fabric will be a good width (fat quarter, or a quarter yard). Fat quarters are the perfect size though, and they were on sale for $1.29.

You will need to make strips of fabric, which I made ~2" wide. I used the cut and tear method, for a shabby chic type of finish. So cut a small tear in your fabric, and rip it off into a strip.  I made 5 strips of each fabric.

Start anywhere on your wreath, and you are going to wrap the strip of fabric around the wreath. Place the strip of fabric so there will be enough left out to tie it in a knot (as seen above).
Wrap the strip around itself 2-3 times on the wreath.
On the back side of the wreath, tie the ends of the fabric strip into a secure knot.
Start with your second strip of fabric, and repeat the above steps. When you start wrapping, have the strip overlapping the other fabric a little, so there aren't any gaps.
As above, tie the ends together on the back of the wreath.
Continue this same method with all your strips of fabric. Your very last fabric strip will be placed in the last gap of your wreath, so it will overlap the fabric on either side.
And voila!! Easy peasy, and it looks so cute! If you make a larger wreath, you will of course need more fabric strips. And you can use as many different fabrics as you like! If you end up making your own, I would love to see a picture of it :)

Happy crafting!

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