Tuesday, August 6, 2013

pregnancy update: 36 weeks

Hello...is anyone still out there? Blogging slacker big time over here. Blogging when Henry is awake is impossible though since he thinks the only purpose of the computer being open is to watch Elmo, which means I'd have to blog during his naps or at night. Usually I nap when Henry naps, so that's out. And by night time I'm sort of lazy haha. Anyways, I have some time tonight and figured I'd fill you in on pregnancy so far.

36 weeks. Photobombed by the baby daddy.
I am 36 weeks pregnant now. It's gone by pretty fast, which is kind of nice. Since Henry was so early, we all have it in our heads that George will be early. But you never really know, so I'm trying to accept the fact that it could be longer. I still need to pull out all the baby clothes and everything to be ready for him, so I shouldn't try and rush anyways (who wants to come help?!).

Last week at my doctors appointment everything looked good. I'm going back this next Monday. I've gained 27 pounds this pregnancy. Which isn't a ton considering I gained about 40 pounds last time. Maybe all that exercise from chasing Henry around is contributing ;) I've been trying to go on walks, and last week we pulled out the exercise ball for me to sit on. Henry finds it very entertaining since it's a giant ball, so it's both a chair and a toy at the moment :)

I still haven't gotten any stretch marks (knock on wood!) (don't hate me!), which I contribute to my favorite pregnancy product OF ALL TIME: Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil. You can find it HERE on Amazon. I used it when I was pregnant with Henry too, and never got a stretch mark. It's magical. It is an oil so it will stain fabric, but if you just wear something you don't care about to bed after you put it on, it's no big deal. It's all natural and it's amazing.

I also can't remember if I've talked about this before, but we took a hypnobirthing class that was offered at the hospital here. It was.......interesting.... to say the least. I like a lot of the general concepts, and I think the relaxation techniques will help me in labor. And I just tried to block out any weird stuff they said that I don't really agree with. Like that babies remember their birth, and it affects the way they turn out later in life. Umm...that's fine if you believe that, but I personally don't. At least not the way they were describing it. And in all the birth videos, the women looked like complete zombies the entire time. I don't want to be a zombie...except just during contractions? I don't know.. Anyways, there were some weird things like that, but overall I am glad I took the class and I do think it will be helpful. I'll update you afterwards ;)

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*katrina* said...

aaaand stretch oil ordered. Before I even finished reading the blog. ha ha, thanks for the tip. I've been thinking of taking a hypnobirthing class too, everyone I know that has tried it swears by it. I hope it's not too weird. Good luck with everything!