Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Diamond Candles Review and GIVEAWAY!

The company Diamond Candles contacted me to do a review and giveaway of one of their candles. So of course first I looked into their company and what they are all about. I was very impressed with what I found! Diamond Candles sells all natural soy candles, and all the soy bean plants are grown in the USA. The wick is made from cotton and also coated in the natural soy wax. As an environmentalist, I give a huge thumbs up to this!! They have a large variety of different scents that fill the entire room as the candle burns. Anddd...there's a fun/surprising element to these candles!! Every candle has a ring inside it, and the value of the ring can be anywhere from $10 to $5000. Pretty awesome, right?!

So I ordered the Black Raspberry Vanilla candle. As you may know, I can't actually smell. But this scent sounded delicious, and when it came I had Josh verify that it does indeed smell really good. So...pretty much as soon as we took the candle out of the box we were so excited about it that we started burning it right away! We don't usually burn candles when Henry is awake so he was really intrigued.  He kept pointing to it and (after we told him what it's called) saying "candle?"

burn, baby, burn!
As soon as it was melted enough to reach the ring, we retrieved it. Josh scooped it out with a fork and unwrapped the gold foil...

Inside the gold foil is a sealed plastic bag with the ring inside. We rinsed off the bag so we wouldn't get wax everywhere.
the ring is in there!


a pretty ring!
Now, we're pretty sure this is just a $10 ring, but it's still pretty and it still made the whole process really fun and exciting. It turns something that by itself is kind of boring into a fun little adventure. I think these Diamond Candles would make perfect gifts as well, since you're giving something that not only smells delicious, but also has an element of surprise. If you check out their Facebook Page you can see ring reveals that other customers have uploaded. There is quite a variety of pretty rings that could be in your candle!!

Diamond Candles has been generous enough to offer a giveaway for one of their stunning all natural soy wax candles! Simply enter the giveaway below. Best of luck!:
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Liv said...

That seems so random, to put something in a candle! But I like it.

Jen said...

I was wondering how you would smell them. hehe but a sounds like a fun gift.

Paper Sewn Visions said...

That surely is different but neat. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your review, reveal, and hosting a give-away! We truly appreciate it!