Sunday, June 23, 2013

world traveler, part 1

Well...not exactly world but the past few weeks have included a lot of traveling for me. Which is one of the reasons (besides general laziness) I haven't been blogging. A few weeks ago I went down to Arizona with Henry to visit with my family, and to help them pack their house. They are downsizing, and with my mom's recent injuries she can't really lift anything heavy at all with her hands. So I helped her pack up her whole craft studio, and some other stuff too. It was really fun to see everyone, and I was glad to be able to help them out as well.

my mom has 2 of the big 4x4 ikea bookcases that we packed up. Henry climbed right in to help out. 

I found an old dance costume of mine and put this flapper-style on Henry's head. hehehe. 

Henry loved the dogs, as usual. Here he is laying down next to Paisley and giving her love
Deep in conversation with Poncho
"Ready to go home, mommy!"
We were there for 5 or 6 days before we made the journey back to Utah. We got home and tried to recuperate. We got to sleep in our own beds for two nights, and then we set off again. This time Henry and I drove up north. We got to spend the night at Darci and Jeff's, and it was so awesome seeing them again. It's only been a couple of months, but that felt like ages!! Darci and I took the kiddo's to a secret pond (located somewhere in Pleasant Grove) and  got to play and work on our tans. The wind was so crazy that we almost blew away, but we still had a good time :)

Henry's signature face
Mona and Henry getting a ride in the stroller. Warren was chillin in his car seat
Fighting...I mean the tub. 
Henry and Mona are really funny with each other. Now instead of just Mona stealing toys from Henry, they both can steal toys like champs. Which sometimes results in meltdowns... They really do have a love/hate relationship, because they loved playing together. Until Henry either wanted to escape from Mona (she would shut the door so he'd be stuck in her room with her haha), or Mona got upset because Henry stole a toy or did something equally terrible. We had a fabulous time playing with them though, and I'm so glad we were able to see them!!

The next day I dropped Henry off at my sister-in-law's house, where he stayed for the weekend. I knew he would have a blast with all his cousins, and of course his wonderful aunt and uncle took good care of him. After I dropped him off I drove back home, took a shower, and then Josh and I left with our friends to go to Vegas (are you tired yet thinking of all that driving??? I am!!). We stayed at Vegas for the weekend so we could go see Ke$ha in concert! And because this post is getting really long and I'm tired, I'll talk about the rest of my whirlwind trip in another blog post!! :) Stay tuned...

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