Wednesday, March 20, 2013

grease lightning!

Ok, I promise this will not turn into a nail polish blog...haha. I just wanted to share my last manicure I did that I was really proud of. All my practicing with nail stamping is finally starting to pay off. But if you are a real nail blogger, don't look. Because this is still amateur hour!!


My sister got me this awesome yellow color for my birthday, and I am in love! Then I thought it would be perfect to pair with lightning bolts. This past weekend we went up north and saw all of Josh's family (minus BJ of course, boo), and Lila asked "why is one of your fingernails black?" It was really cute, just picture a little girl saying that in a sweet little voice. I said "just for fun!" She's only 5, so we won't worry about the fashion details toooo much yet ;)

Now, who wants to come to Jessie's Nail Shoppe?! Haha!


Brooke Barker said...

Oh man awesome! Where did you get the nail stamps to do this?

yours truly dear said...

I ordered them from Amazon, these are the Bundle Monster 2012 (or 2011? shoot, now I can't remember!) plates.