Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 things i've learned in the first year of motherhood

The other night I could NOT go to sleep. And somehow in my insomniac brain I started to think of how I've been a mom for over a whole year now, and what I've learned in the process.

1. Baby sleep is one of the biggest mysteries ever in the entire history of the Earth. Why else would there be five million different "methods" just on how to put your baby down to sleep?! Everyone has an opinion and a method to their own madness, and really it all boils down to figuring out whatever hybrid method finally works for you. Thankfully I found the website Troublesome Tots, which has helped guide us through multiple sleep dilemmas.

2. Even though I always promised myself I wouldn't become one of "those" moms whose facebook gets overrun by totally happened. Like, immediately. Oops? I guess what I've learned about this is you just need to accept your own craziness, and embrace it. Obviously I am obsessed with my son. And I own it now. I figure that if people don't like it, they can block my baby-obsessed feeds from infiltrating their facebook newsfeed. :)

3. It's a little more complicated to go out than it used to be. We've only seen a handful of movies since Henry's been born. We used to go almost every single weekend. At least going out to eat isn't that different, you just need to bring a packed diaper bag and roll with the punches. I already always carry huge purses, and now I also carry around a huge diaper bag. I look like I'm going on vacation every time I go out ;)

4. People give lots of advice. Mostly unsolicited advice. Even from complete strangers. It's interesting... haha. You just have to learn to be polite, and be open to learning new things. Some people do super cuckoo things with their kids, but you might find that something crazy works for you and your kid too. Having a kid makes you a lot more polite to other people, in this aspect, because it's like an ongoing test to politely/graciously accept all the advice that will be coming your way.

5. I never knew how amazing being a mother would be. I figured it would be pretty cool, but really hard, and I was worried I wouldn't know how to handle it all. I've learned that I am a lot more capable as a mom than I ever thought, and I'm pretty proud of that. Ultimately, I am amazed how much I can love a tiny little person. I seriously love his guts!! He's adorable, hilarious, sweet, stubborn, and perfect. I love that he calls for me when I'm not around, and that when he sees me (in the morning when I get him up, when I walk back into a room that he's in, when I come back from running an errand, etc) his face lights up. And all the little hugs and sweet attention that comes from him. Thats love, yo. ♥

I am in love with being a mom. I truly hope that all my friends are able to experience this amazing journey. And in my opinion, it's even that much sweeter if you had to struggle to get here. Even when I'm being driven crazy and want to scream obscenities, I still love the crap out of that little munchkin. And after a few deep breaths, a sneak of chocolate (for me, not him), and a little bit of Elmo time, everything is better once again. I can't imagine my life without Henry, and I am so grateful to be his mother. ♥

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l i z said...

love this post! agree about the baby sleep stuff. babies are kind of a mystery in a lot of ways. i was at a shower last night and they wanted us to give advice to the new mama. i said "be flexible", because children are constantly changing; once they reach some milestone or have a consistent schedule, they change it up again. other people were telling her to not compare her parenting with others but do what works best for her and her husband. totally agree with that, too (like you point out in #4).

i'm so happy you have little Henry in your life and are able to experience motherhood. i think you are a lot more "with it" and mature than i would have been had i started a family at a younger age...totally admire you!