Saturday, February 23, 2013

caviar nails

 I tried caviar nails. I just did my ring finger on each hand. I painted the nails black, and then poured the "caviar" beads over them. Then you kind of smush them down so they're all level, and you're done. I wanted to add a clear topcoat to prolong the wear of these, and I applied it on a little too thick on my left hand (you can see below). Afterwards I applied a thinner layer to my right hand, which looked much better. It has a cooler-looking effect without the clear coat (as seen in the first picture below), but I was worried they would all fall off a little too quickly.

I had someone ask me about the wear, so I'll just share here too. After a full day, about 5 little beads had fallen off of each nail. You couldn't really tell though, unless you were looking super closely. By the second day, a few more had fallen off. Then I started picking them off haha. I think that you could wear these 2-3 days.

pre-clear coat: you can see i missed a spot...but after the topcoat you can't tell 
i did the clear coat a little thick on my left hand, which made it look funky...
What do you think? I might do it every once in a while when I want to mix it up, but I probably won't do it regularly. Overall though, I liked it!

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