Friday, January 11, 2013

happy 2013

i've been thinking about what my goals are for this year, and what kind of year i want to have. my ultimate goal is i've been thinking of ways to improve my (and my families) happiness:

+get completely out of debt (just that final 16% to go!!!)

+build up savings to be comfortable without my income (have enough $ to live 3-6 months)

+become a stay at home mom (or a work at home mom if that opportunity arises and works out well)

+eat healthier. i've been trying to cut out high fructose corn syrup (once i found out there are traces of mercury in it, that kind of made me freak out haha), and it's amazing how it is EVERYWHERE!

+become more organized/less cluttered. moving from a house to a townhouse is definitely going to help in this area!!

+work towards living a greener life. this is something i'm always working on, but i haven't been as active about it these last couple months.

+read more! i got a kindle for christmas, and it is awesome. also, my lovely mother-in-law shares books with me, so i have tons of books to choose from!! i'm like a kid in a candy shop :)

also, i am purposefully not calling these "resolutions", because that term is old. everyone knows people hardly ever follow through with their new year's resolutions (hence all the jokes/memes/ecards/etc). but "goals" are different. they seem more long-term to me, at least in my mind-set ;)

have any of you set any goals/resolutions/ideas/or whatever you want to call them for the new year? sharing is caring! and then you can be held responsible for it later (i feel like theres a word for that, but i canNOT think about it for the life of me!).


l i z said...

i love all your goals. high fructose corn syrup IS in everything, argh.

haven't blogged about it yet but i have a couple goals for this year, too.

1. start writing a journal again (not every day, but when i can). i got a new one for Christmas.

2. start having regular home-school time with Dinah. i have been way too lax in this area and i want us both to get into good habits since i plan on home-schooling when she's school aged anyway.

now you know so you can help me stick to it. :)

yours truly dear said...

ooh, journaling is hard! that's a great goal though, you can do it!! and thats cool about home-school. i feel like i've seen lots of ideas on pinterest. good luck, girl! :)

Devan + Emily Thorne said...

Great job! You have some awesome goals and I hope you reach all of them! -Devan