Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Want to see a bunch of blurry ipod pictures of Christmas? You do?! Great, here we go:

Henry was SPOILED!!!

Grover "remote control" from Mok and Pok. He loves it.

Toy explosion...

Playing w/his wooden ABC blocks from Mok and Pok.

Lots of fun toys from his cousins (and handmade wooden car from my parents!)

Henry thinks this personal massager is pretty awesome.

Musical toy from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sarah.

His face when I opened the wooden blocks for him. I wish it wasn't so blurry, he was SO excited!

Cute Christmas face :)

Also, one of my presents was Sensationail! It's an at-home gel nail polish kit that comes with an LED lamp. After researching a lot of at-home kits, I decided this is the one I want. And Joshy is so nice, he got it for me! He also got me a Kindle (yay!). Anyway, I opened this kit on Christmas Eve and did my nails immediately, and they came out SO NICE!!! This manicure is supposed to last about two weeks, and I'm not obsessed with the color, so I'm sure I'll be redoing them soon enough haha. Up next I want to try using regular nail polish between the gel layers, and see how it lasts.

two days later and they look exactly the same
Anyways, I know this post is all about gifts (mostly Henry's), but we really have loved all the quality family time that we've been enjoying. Luckily we have two weeks off of work, and it has been amazing so far. I LOVE VACATION!!!! How has your holiday season been so far?

PS: If you want to see adorable pictures of Henry with Santa, click here!

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Alison + Brandon said...

Soooo cute! We're saving all of Emerson's presents until this weekend because my family is coming to town. Christmas is just going to get more fun every year--I can't wait.
In other news, I can't believe Henry is one already! Isn't it just crazy to have a one-year-old?