Sunday, December 2, 2012

arizona, thanksgiving 2012!

first of all, i've been a terrible blogger... it's been really busy around here lately... oops! anyways, i want to get back on track by blogging about our thanksgiving vacation. we drove down to arizona to stay with my parents over the holiday. minus a dog bite (very traumatic, but thankfully didn't break Henry's skin), the rest of the trip was very enjoyable. we had a really lovely time, and i wish it could have lasted longer! 

my parents have lots of cacti in their yard. i love it.

my dad has this wagon, and henry loved getting rides in it!

Nana (Henry's great-grandma) has a puppy that Henry made friends with. He even shared his wagon space.

there was lots of exploring of the grandparents house

silly boy
having fun with grandpa

playing piano with grandma

having some fun piano time of his own

a mini recliner in walmart i almost bought for Henry. too bad it was $54

lots of playground fun--he loved it!

henry the explorer!

adorable, i know

"whatever this is, i want to play with it!!!"

my little techy baby got a new "smart phone"

these two hooligans were partners in crime. before this picture was taken, Poncho peed on the floor and then Henry sat in it. hence, the bath that was taken.

there were lots of fun trucks to play with

contrary to josh's facial expression (haha), we had a blast!!! ;)
thanks for letting us come over, mom and dad! it was a lot of fun :)

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