Thursday, November 8, 2012


no, this isn't about the election or something. this is about our vacation we got back from last week, when we went to go see our best friends in ohio. of course i am talking about emily and dave! we had an absolute blast, and didn't want to leave. here are some fun pictures:

dave got to pretend clean josh's teeth

josh built a giant domino tower

emily and i did our nails, using dave's fancy dentist glasses

Finn and Henny tried to break out together

Henry learned how to unroll toilet paper

And we all starred in a Pampers commercial
We hung out a lot, ate lots of delicious food and candy, visited their lovely families, hooked Henry up with a new girlfriend, made caramel apples, and just had an all around awesome time. It's sad when friends move away, but thankfully we were able to visit!! :) We love you guys! ♥

ps: visit Henry's blog for more ohio pics


Emelro said...

i miss you guys so much. utah and ohio are too far apart. not faiiiirrrrr.

Liv said...

How nice to fly with a kid FREE!!! I'm so glad you got to enjoy some time with friends!