Sunday, October 7, 2012

workin on my fitness

just a couple weekends ago we went to a fitness expo (Mr Olympia) with some of our friends. of course, it is my juicehead husband that i went for, but it was still fun. and being there and seeing so many fit/healthy people actually motivated me a little bit to get in shape.

juicehead photo-bomb!
 i mean really, i have to stand next to this? haha. ;) but really, i've always wanted to get toned up, but just havent had the motivation. so for the past 4 days, i've been exercising! whaaaat!? the last time i did any sort of physical activity (minus hiking a few times at work) was zumba a couple months ago. and before zumba, i honestly cannot remember the last time i worked out.

we've also been eating healthier meals and snacks. my only problem is still my candy intake. but i figure if i eat healthier otherwise, add in working out, and some protein shakes and whatnot---its better than before, right? that's the position i'm sticking with. also, i'm super sore so today was a nice little rest day. i just have to keep telling myself that being sore is feeling my muscles grow. which probably isn't scientifically correct, but i'm an environmental scientist, people! ;)

cheers to working out, and hopefully i will be able to stick with the fitness plan! wish me luck (and good luck to those of you out there who are also workin on your fitness!!).


jeff said...

Please be my fitness buddy when I pop this baby out because I am going to need all the help/motivation I can get :)

jeff said...

PS this is Darci, not Jeff :) He isn't popping the baby out. Although I wish he was and not me.

yours truly dear said...

hahahahaha. love that last comment. and yes!!! lets werrrkkkkkk out!!!