Saturday, June 9, 2012

hogle zoo

i have lived in utah for SEVEN years (whoa) and i have never been to the zoo. and i even like animals! so finally we got it together, and grandma took us to the zoo today! it was henry's first zoological outing :)

all set up in the official hogle zoo stroller. don't worry, we sanitized it first. haha.

baby elephant!

i'm a mama bird, duh.

checking everything out from inside the stroller

look at this gangsta with his gangsta cat friends ;)

henry actually looked at some of the animals before he fell asleep. one of them was this giraffe. so we took a picture to document their sweet friendship.

thanks for taking us, grandma!

family outing, in style!

look at my little tiger!!

henry was pretty interested in the alligator. it was cute.
thank you for taking us to the zoo, grandma! we love you and we're so glad you visited ♥

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Emelro said...

i just teared up. i miss you guys so much. henry is so big and it makes me so sad that i'm not there to snuggle him :(