Wednesday, June 27, 2012


last weekend the mountain right behind our house was on fire. it was kind of frightening. here's an article on it, it was called the dump fire. some dumb-dumbs were shooting out in the mountains in a RED FLAG WARNING and in high winds. umm...yeah...don't even get me started because i will go off on those hillbillies! anyways, so on thursday i was headed home after taking henry to the doctor, and i saw crazy smoke in the distance. i was like "oh great, another fire!" it wasn't until i started driving a little closer that i realized it was in our neck of the woods. by the time i was about 20 minutes from our house i realized it was actually our mountains.(more pics on sarah's blog taken on the other side of the mountain)

the view from our house on thursday
the view from our house on friday. there were no clouds in the sky, that's all smoke.
all weekend long it was extremely smokey. about 600 homes were evacuated, and over 5,600 acres were burned. i was pretty on edge because you could see flames outside our window. i even packed some essentials and important documents just in case we were evacuated. some of our friends on the other side of the mountain were evacuated, and i was really hoping we wouldn't be in the same boat. and even though josh was teasing me for packing, i knew that if we did have to leave, he would be grateful. pshh...silly boys...

the fire was declared contained on monday, and there were just small pockets of smoldering/smoke left over. by tuesday the air was back to being clear and normal. thankfully no houses or people were harmed, but now the rest of utah is on fire... i just heard on the news that there are 3 active fires burning right now. and unfortunately some of these fires are much more dangerous to human life and property than ours was. i just hope that: a) these fires get under control ASAP; b) people stop being stupid; and c) my house is still standing after vacation.

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