Sunday, January 22, 2012

life lesson

just so you all know, here is one of life's most important lessons for you (free of charge--you're welcome):

make friends with photographers + make sure they like you a lot = get lots of awesome pictures of yourself/your offspring for free.

case in point? henry photoshoot seen HERE.

[here's an example so you know it's worth it to click the link above]

along the same lines of this life lesson, steal your friends' fancy cameras and take more pictures, and then make them upload them for you. josh took over emily's camera last night for a bit, and got this adorable picture of henry:

thank you emily and dave for indulging us, and getting lots of fabulous pictures of henry!!


Emelro said...

Aww you're so welcome, dear! We love you guys. Lots :)

communikate. said...

Good life lesson! Great pictures lady! He's a keeper.