Sunday, January 22, 2012

dinosaur museum

last weekend we went with josh's parents and sister, and our nieces and nephews to the dinosaur museum at thanksgiving point. i charged my camera and everything, and we were all ready to go. when we got to the museum and i started taking pictures, i realized i had left my memory card in my laptop. FAIL. so i got to take like 5 pictures on the camera memory and make peace with the fact that this outing wouldn't really be documented. there was a discovery room that everyone played in before actually looking at all the dinosaurs and stuff, so that's where these pictures are from:

josh and sunny making smoke rings

griffin thought this was pretty cool.

lila might not have totally agreed... haha
i love the way she's standing in this picture :)

sarah and i carrying our babies around. this was a thing you pedaled to make some lights go on. we're pretty cool...

the kids thought the museum was great. i think griffin was the most excited. he kept running up to everything and pointing at all the bones and stuff. he was very impressed. henry slept like a champ the whole time (thank goodness!). it was a really fun time, and if anyone hasn't visited the dinosaur museum you should go! thanks to bob and mary for taking us on such a fun outing :) next time i'll make sure my memory card is actually IN my camera (boo)!

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The Blairs said...

What's the point of owning photoshop if you don't make me look really good. Couldn't Josh have made my hair long and down instead of in a pony tail? And, couldn't he have given me a smidge of makeup and a huge diamond on my finger? Just sayin :)