Tuesday, November 8, 2011

foodie ♥

in the past couple weeks i've been bitten by the fall baking bug. i just made that phrase up, but i feel like its a real thing so we'll go with it. two weekends ago i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. it was my first time making them (or anything with pumpkin, to be honest), and thankfully they turned out delicious. i found the recipe on pinterest of course, here is the link.

here's what mine looked like. not as beautiful a presentation as her blog, but still yummy.

the day after i made the cookies, our friends emily and dave came over for some halloween fun (we watched quarantine, eeps!). we also made caramel apples, "gourmet" style. i only make these once or twice a year now, so its considered a special occasion. maybe one of these days i'll feel nice enough to post the secret recipe ;)

apples after dipping w/the homemade caramel

the final product (caramel, white chocolate, and cinnamon sugar)
[pictures courtesy of emily]

bringing in treats to work (cookies, caramel, and caramel apples) caused quite a stir. people were like "what is happening? where is this coming from? yay!" haha. and then one of my coworkers joked that i'm nesting. so when i brought in pumpkin chocolate chip bread (maybe i'll post the recipe soon!) this week to work, everyone was thrilled. the running joke now is that i need to be allowed to work from home part time so i can "nest" and bake more treats for everyone. to which i'm like *where do i sign up?!*

now everyone is wondering what i'll bring in next. thankfully i have pinterest to supply me with lots of delicious ideas, so these are a few i might be trying in the upcoming weeks or so:
chocolate chip cookie dough truffles
peppermint cream bites
twix brownie bars
creamy mints

have you guys been in the fall baking mood? any recipes you'd recommend?


Carrie said...

Oh you tease lol with those apples they look so so yummy!!!

Lisa said...

I love baking year round, but I agree there is something about the fall that brings out the "baking bug" I follow some food blogs and love baking what they bake. My currents faves are "Our Best Bites" and "Picky Palate" They both come up with some fabulous ideas like brownie covered Oreos!

Emily said...

greatest apples everrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!