Saturday, November 5, 2011

32 weeks

you all know what i'm going to say: yesterday marked 32 weeks. henry will be here in 8 weeks or less! maybe i should finish all my baby-related projects...yikes! sarah, come install the car seat!! ahh! haha :) i had my 32-week doctors appointment this week, and everything is going great. my belly is measuring right on track, and his heartbeat is in the 160s.

the craving of the week has been sunflower bagels with honey walnut cream cheese from this bagel shop in tooele (nigh-time bagels). they are DELICIOUS and i cant get enough of them! working 50 hour work weeks is starting to get kind of old, but i've just been taking lots of naps and trying to take it easy. i'm really looking forward to thanksgiving break coming up in a couple weeks!

32 week photoshoot. josh thought it was kind of funny that this top fits more like a shirt than a dress anymore haha. because i've worn this top before, i thought i'd show a little comparison: 32 weeks vs 15 weeks (don't mind my crazy hair in the picture below...).

funny, huh? its weird to think how big you get when you're pregnant. i can't even wear that silver belt anymore (in my 15 weeks photo), but thankfully i have a bigger one so i can still accessorize ;) haha.

have a good rest of the weekend! my mom sent me her pumpkin chocolate chip bread recipe, so i think i'll be making that today! yummm, yay for fall :)

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Emily said...

kzJDhkjhkfsh only 8 more weeks?!?!?! yesss!!!