Friday, September 23, 2011

shameless self promotion...sort of?

hello friends! so a local radio station is holding a baby bump watch contest. the prizes are awesome, and would spoil henry to pieces (like, $2000 worth of spoiling!). oh, and i would get some new clothes out of it too, but that's beside the point ;)

so the contest is a voting contest, and it only goes until the 29th. then about a week later whoever makes it to the top 10 has further voting... so i want to make it in the top 10, and i need your help! so pretty please go HERE to vote for me: i am contestant number 140.

you don't have to sign up with a password or anything, but you do have to enter in your email and name. i know thats annoying, but it only takes a minute, i promise. and you can vote once a day.

thank you SO MUCH to everyone who helps out and takes a minute to vote. little henry says thank you, too! ♥

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