Sunday, September 25, 2011

26 weeks

yesterday marked 26 weeks. it seems like the weeks are flying by! i also feel like i keep ballooning up haha. the other day josh looked over at me and goes "whoa! when did you get so big!?" haha. then he told me i look like a giraffe because my legs look skinny and the rest of me is all big. and then he told me i look like serena williams. so i guess i'll take it ;)

i'm off to go sew more maternity pants. i need more for work because i'm struggling fitting into my old pants (even unbuttoned with the hair elastic trick). it was bound to happen sooner or later i suppose...

ps: pretty please vote for me in this baby bump watch contest where i could win sweet stuff for henry! just click vote now, and i'm entry #140. you can vote once a day. thanks to everyone who's voted so far!

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Emily said...

hahaha you're so cute!