Thursday, July 7, 2011

wildlife attacks

i got attacked by a pronghorn antelope today.

...ok, juuuust kidddding. but i did make friends with one!

...ok, actually josh and i just happened upon one while at work and kind of scared it. then it just sort of stared at us, and then went and scratched its head on one of our flagging stakes. he really showed us!

here is the little guy. he was actually pretty close to us, but my work camera has really crappy zoom. or something like that. i dont know, i dont speak camera.

ps: we usually see these at least once a day on our ride home from work. and one time we saw one with a baby. and the baby pronghorn was ADORABLE!! grown up, theyre not so cute. but baby version?? cutest thing ever!! maybe someday we'll see another baby again and i'll get to snap a picture :) or maybe later, when i'm less lazy and not about to go to sleep, i'll just google one and post a picture...

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