Tuesday, July 5, 2011

girl crush: fancy treehouse

over at the blog fancy treehouse, coury reigns all things fashionable and adorable. she looks like a young, blond julia roberts. she has the best sense of style, and i want to own everything she wears. which would be possible, since she sells most of it in her store. but we're trying to save money or something like that, and somehow vintage clothing doesn't fit into that idea... soooo, if you're looking to get on my good side, feel free to buy me anything from her store! i will most likely love it.

this lovely lady is married and has a boston terrier. so normal, right? which is encouraging because she seriously seems like alice in wonderland. i love it. if you are a fashion lover, go check out her blog asap.


Liv said...

great. now i'm eyeing one of her gorgeous dresses from her shop.


Mandi said...

Yesss, she is fantastic!