Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i know my A-B-C's

josh told me i'm really behind in blogging and i need to get to it. i told him i know, but i'm lazy and my life is boring haha. but then i saw this ABC thing, and thought it looked fun. so i stole this from my girl krysten over at after i do. feel free to fill it out too, if you so wish!

ge: 24. almost a quarter of a century! eeps!
B ed Size: queen. we want a king sized bed, but there have been other things to spend our money on. like... house decor. and student loans. and medical bills...
Chore you hate: i don't do chores. thats what josh is for...duh
Essential start of your day: brush my teeth immediately. apparently a lot of people think that is weird, and only brush their teeth after they eat and stuff? gross...
Favorite Color: purple! then yellow, then green.
Gold or silver: silver. i try to wear some gold every once in a while, but silver is my favorite.
Height: 5'10" (or 11", not positive)
Instruments I play (or have played): violin, drums
Job Title: wildlife biologist. aka professional treehugger.
Kids: be grateful if you have them!
Live: glorious utah. in a town founded by polygamists. sometimes we play the game where we guess which houses have polygamists living there. usually they resemble compounds, and have 15-passenger vans in front of them, or like 5+ different cars. its a pretty fun game, you should try it sometime.
Mom’s Name: Kimberly. love you mom!
Nickname: umm...jess? haha.
Pet Peeve: annoying people. and a whole lot of other stuff i cant think of right now. i hate when these things put me on the spot......
Quote from a movie: "Someones ear is in danger of having hair brushed over it!" -Columbus in Zombieland (just watched that this weekend haha)
Right or left handed: right. i always wanted to be ambidextrous growing up, but that didnt really work out for me.
Siblings: 1 little sister. she'll be 23 this year i think. CRAAAZY!
Time you wake up: 5:19am. i dont like waking up at even-numbered times!
Underwear: is good...?
Vegetables you dislike: corn. corn is gross, and it just comes out the same way it went in, so whats the purpose? ew.
What makes you run late: i am a zombie in the morning. it makes simple tasks (like getting out of bed) hard to do. josh walks over and tells me to wake up at least 5 times every morning. what a sweet husband, i'm glad he doesnt just leave me in the morning ;)
X-rays you’ve had done: a bunch. teeth obviously. elbow when i was 12. wait...MRIs count too, right? whaturr... my mom does x-rays but i still dont even understand radiation...haha. dont disown me, mom!
Yummy food you make: garlic chicken ranch pizza!! lets make some! yummm...i'm drooling!
Zoo animal: i love [almost] all of them! especially in baby form. SOOOO cute!! ♥ now i want to go to the zoo. will you go with me?


Claire Kiefer said...

baby zoo animals are the cutest things in the world. Or any baby animal for that matter. And 5:19 in the morning??? Torture!

Lisa said...

mmmm...garlic chicken ranch pizza sounds fabulous...how do you make it?

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

haha well tell josh thanks because the blogging world missed you.
love the game. sounds like something we would do :P

ps i might steal this from you for tomorrow...

communikate. said...


your a wildlife biologist?! that's awesome.

this is a cool post. i'll have to remember this.

yours truly dear said...

thanks guys! lisa, i'll have to post it on here so everyone can enjoy it :)