Saturday, April 9, 2011

my avatar

josh's brother has been in town, and they have been playing a lot of games of course. they were playing some sort of weird game where you make your own characters, and you can control a lot of different features. so they decided to make me. they were pretty proud of themselves... haha.

see how detailed it is? the height and weight aren't correct (taller and heavier! haha), but overall kind of similar looking. although for some reason they made my expression "mean" so my eyebrows look crazy!

what do you think? have you ever made your own avatar somehow?

[ps i dont normally post 2 blogs back-to-back, but my post # was 3 sixes. i dont even want to spell it out! but now it will be 667, so its all good]


heather yalin said...

never made my own avatar, but i think yours is pretty cute.

Darci said...

That does not look like you. BJ and Josh need to step it up.