Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tiffany blue? what?

well hello there. i am just SO busy and important that i dont even have time to brush my hair at night, much less blog. oh wait...i never brush my hair. and in actuality i just get really lazy and tired from working haha. call me a wimp if you'd like, but i could take any of you anyday! just dont hold me to that...


this weekend was fun. lots of hanging out with friends, shopping, and movies. we desperately need to update our movie review blog, especially since we FINALLY saw kings speech this weekend. it was fabulous. i kind of went into it thinking i would hate it and it would be boring. however, it was delightful. i would recommend it to anyone. [also, sidenote: it's really just a PG movie, with about 1.5 minutes of swearing to make the king relax, and its pretty comical--just had to make that clear].

also, we got lots of house stuff of course. i keep saying i want a "pouf" for my closet, so i have something to sit on while i put my shoes on and stuff. also, just to keep things classy. there was this really fancy one at target that was animal print and gorgeous, and i was going to get it. it was $42. then i saw this cheapo one for $16. so....i decided to be money smart and get the cheaper one. it gets the job done, and i still love the color(tiffany blue? what?)! [[i figure i can upgrade to a fancy one in the future when i get rich]]. also, my little queen approves, so what else matters?

he seriously thinks it's his personal throne. pretty funny. also this weekend we got a long ottoman thingy from Ross, some cool vases, a [drumroll...] microwave, and some shelving and stuff. tonight our friend-slash-personal-handyman jeff came and installed our microwave for us, and also hung our tv on the wall. things are really shaping up around here!

stay tuned, for when my life gets more interesting :) haha thanks. ♥


communikate. said...

i really loved kings speech. i hate that one little bit was added to make it R (lame/ but comical.ha)

Emily said...

sh sh sh sh f f f f!!!!!!
jay-z is such a queen. but not a drag.

Hearthandmade said...

lol its obviously a personal throne.. why else would it be in his house?

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

hahaha. well of COURSE you put it in there just for him. duh.
i got a new desk chair from ikea, and not 14 seconds after putting it together, fiona was draped across like she'd always been there. brats, all of them!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Haha that pic is awesome.

Jennifer said...

miss you!

Sharde said...

hi jess, i love your page! i just stumbled upon it today and im very pleased. i cant wait to read more, because i know i wont be able to stop myself!

Thanks alot :)
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:) sharde