Tuesday, March 15, 2011

day 2


i started my sophomore year of high school in a new school. i was really nervous, but i found a wonderful friend soon enough. her name is alex, and we soon became bff!
she was always so nice, fun, and we had a lot in common. i started warming up to cats because of her adorable cat who would sleep with me when i slept over (sooo cute!). she introduced me to good movies, good music, and the concept of watching/listening to the news hahaha. hello cnn!

we had a lot of fun times in high school! for example...

we went to prom together
well, not as eachothers dates or anything...
here's the proof! haha:

alex and i were really close, and have stayed in contact since after high school. unfortunately i havent been back to maine in about two years or more, so we havent seen eachother in awhile. :( she is amazing and super smart. her family was sooo nice to me, i loved them! also, i introduced her to her now-fiancee! i'm so excited for them, and hopefully i can go back to maine and visit alex sometime in the near future-ish! :)

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Emily said...

I can see your shoulders!!!! Your bare shoulders!!! This needs some kind of rating...omg.
Ok, I'm done being obnoxious.
I hope the 30 day list works for you! I pulled the ones I liked from other lists and made up my own. Haha that's why one day isn't a photo challenge and is about music on your iPod. Woops. Haha