Monday, February 14, 2011

motivational design week, day 7

day 7: extra spaces

there are extra spaces in houses, or rooms that you can make into specialty rooms. whether that be a craft room, nursery, library, etc. here are some extra spaces on hgtv that i liked:

adorable nursery!

wouldn't this be awesome as our landing? i wish...

i love the way they used this space under the stairs!

LOVE this dresser top!

cute nightstand

i wish i had a classy mudroom like this

ok, so this is a dining room, but i mostly like this picture for what they did with the walls

library!! isn't this amazing? its actually in someones bedroom

love the rooster theme. and the chandelier is awesome as well

well, i hope this motivational design week was at least semi-entertaining for you. i've liked hearing about the spaces in your house. if you do any pictures of your place, let me know! i love looking at them!! :)

also, happy valentines day!


Emmy Rae said...

The stairs one, at least the didn't shove a boy under them. Haha! ;) I've been loving these pictures. So inspiring!

Liv said...

I'd love to find Harry Potter under the stairs! My parents have a little cupboard under their stairs and it's such a great little space. Perfect coat closet and Christmas-present-hiding-space.

I wish we had "extra" rooms in our little house. Kev turned the fridgid "fake" room in the basement into a sewing room. His poor little fingers freeze, but at least he has his own space :)

Mandi said...

These are my favorites yet! That library!

Emily said...

a mudroom like that is seriously my dream.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

whoa! i love that under the stairs space!

my next house: more windows, and more architectural detail!!!

Hearthandmade said...

i love the night stand!!

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Amanda said...

I love that nightstand! Fabulous!!